McNair Historic Preservation is a national full-service Historic Preservation consulting firm offering clients a range of services including government relations, historic tax credit and economic incentive consultation, historic economic development project management, historic real estate and design consultation, and research/fieldwork services to document and promote your historic assets. Based in Mobile, Alabama, our staff provides the expert services you need to find the greatest value and solutions for your historic property and historic districts while also effectively balancing contemporary realities.

McNair Historic Preservation possesses an expert understanding of government policies and application requirements for navigating through local, state, and federal regulations as we shepherd projects through all phases of the regulatory process. Every project brings a new set of challenges and we take pride in tailoring our solutions for each client and property. Whether you are a homeowner, developer, municipality, corporation, or attorney, we offer services to assist you with your project and maximize the value and historic integrity of your property.

All of our staff fully meets and exceeds the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualification Standards for history and architectural history.

McNair Historic Preservation, Inc.

Stephen McNair, Ph.D.
Owner & Senior Consultant

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Phone: 334-303-3029
E-mail: smcnair@mcnairhp.com
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