Old Red Cross Building

Big changes are coming soon to the Old Red Cross Building on the corner of Broad and Dauphin in downtown Mobile. Also known as Delaney’s, this building is a recognizable and typical example of a Streamlined Modern building, featuring signature rounded corners, horizontal banding, and honey-colored brick. When constructed, the brick was painted, per the attached automobile advertisement. The structure, while contiguous on the interior and exterior, has two distinctive sections with different original functions, design, and materials. The Streamlined Modern portion of the building, located on the corner of Dauphin Street and Broad Street, was largely a showroom and would have originally been used to feature the new appliances for sale. The remaining portion of the building was used as a utilitarian warehouse.

This historic property will soon be transitioned into a mixed-use commercial development, featuring apartments and various office and restaurant commercial spaces. This property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is eligible to receive Alabama and Federal Historic Tax Credits. Stay tuned as the plans are developed!



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