Dauphin Island Schoolhouse

The Little Red Schoolhouse is presently located on Bienville Blvd. across the street from the Dauphin Island Town Hall. The historic schoolhouse remained an active portion of the public school campus from the date of construction in 1931 to 2016, at which time it was vacated in preparation for the structure to be relocated and repurposed as a public meeting/event space. The architecture of the schoolhouse incorporates a traditional early 20th Century rural schoolhouse design and floor plan with exterior elements of the Craftsman style with Greek Revival detailing. The structure is comprised of timber, resting on brick piers and a brick skirt, and featured aluminum windows and an asphalt shingle roof. Changes to the original structure include the current configuration of the entrance awning, the Greek Revival detailing surrounding the front entrance, and the removal of all the original wood windows and insertion of contemporary aluminum windows. A rear cafeteria addition was added in 1991, however this feature was removed in 2017 before the structure was relocated to the current site. Despite being relocated twice, the majority of the original character has been maintained, both in terms of the interior and exterior. The basic original character of the structure is evident, along with a style that reflects the functional purpose of the structure. We are placing this property on the National Register of Historic Places and assisted with the relocation and Section 106 Review.

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