Cleburne High School

The Old Cleburne County High School (constructed c. 1936), located in Heflin, Alabama, served as one of the County’s main educational buildings until 1984. The school was the only Junior High and High School in the County until the construction of Ranborne High School, it is presently privately owned and not in use. The property has been in the hands of the current owners since its purchase from the Cleburne County School Board in 1986. Located near the town’s main street, the school stands in a location central to Heflin activities. The property consists of one large, brick, one and a half story, building constructed in 1936. No major exterior modifications have been made, however, in 1957 and 1961, modifications where made to the interior of the school to accommodate the changing needs of the county high school and the increase of student enrollment. The property retains a historic integrity in setting, form and function of the building, illustrating a period of architectural and educational development throughout the country. We will be placing this property on the National Register of Historic Places.

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